Business secure:

Maintain your business continuity by choosing Business secure services you can protect your network and online services from any international volumetric attack.


Shield service:

DDoS attack, who is at risk?

Simply everyone is under risk; companies, organizations, governments, and even individuals. DDoS attacks are some of the most menacing threats that may affect the operational health of any business, attempting to bring down its online services by overwhelming them with traffic from multiple sources.

Successful assaults can result in significant outages across any network,thus hurting the competitive edge of the business and damaging the confidence built between the business and its customers.

How does SHIELD work?

When you choose SHIELD service; your business will be guarded through a comprehensive state-of-the-art protection system, that will identify and filter any international incoming volumetric attacks targeting your Business Internet I-Fiber Service.

SHIELD service will alert, mitigate and report any hostile traffic, which assists you to gain control over your network and avoid the loss of valuable time, data, and revenue.

How to contact us?

Our outstanding committed experts will work with you to set up your SHIELD service in order to address and mitigate any suspicious volumetric threats in your traffic. After the setup, our system continually tunes your server profiles for peak performance.

For further information, please contact your account manager