PALTEL Group decides to extend operating fixed lines and mobile phone services to the government sector due to delayed salaries

الرجاء الانتظار...

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Informed sources reported that the Palestinian Telecommunication Group decided to extend operating PALTEL fixedlines and Jawwal mobile lines in the public sector, and not to disconnect the registered numbers of the public sector or public employees during the crisis of delayed payment of salaries for public employees, which started about two weeks ago.



In a statement, PALTEL Group called on all public sector employees whose phone lines have been disconnected recently to visit PALTEL showrooms and centers with official documents proving their affiliation to the public sector employees to be able to reactivate their phone lines, and PALTEL would make all facilities available to serve the subscribers.



The decision comes within PALTEL Group’s responsibility as one of the largest Palestinian economic institutions that provides services to a wide range of citizens, and as an acknowledgment of the economic burden borne by employees during this critical stage of the delayed payment of salaries.



Over the past years, PALTEL Group has shown a great deal of responsibility toward Palestinians in all crises including the delayed payment of salaries and the Israeli aggression attack on Gaza.



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