PALTEL initiates Metro Ethernet Project and launches a pilot network as part of its ongoing efforts to provide high-speed and high quality services

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PALTEL announced the start of Metro Ethernet Network Project as the basis for its infrastructure and business services, aiming at providing high speed and quality broadband services.


Mr. Melhem, PALTEL General Manager, said, “The project comes in line with our strategy to provide advanced and integrated services and company’s perseverance to offer the best to its customers.”


Mr. Melhem added that “This project will be applied to the NGN infrastructure and business services. It is the latest IT advancement and will establish PALTEL as a leading company by investing over 4m USD to implement the phases of the project, which is part of the company's investment in its network in 2011, which amounts to nearly 50 million USD,”.

PALTEL Technical Director, Mr. Ali Abdul Latif, said that Metro Ethernet has been implemented in a number of sites in the city of Ramallah by PALTEL technical crews that were trained specifically for the implementation of this network. “The network is the most advanced of its kind, and consists of several independent loops in terms of continuity, and is connected to each other by a number of switches at speeds up to 10Gb/s per switch, and through a system that ensures each subscriber receives the service through an alternative switch in case of any emergency. Metro Ethernet network has been built by advanced fiber-optic,” said Mr. Abdul Latif.


As for the idea and features of the project, Mr. Abdul Latif said, “The new network will meet the growing needs of broadband services, and will also offer a high connection speed amounting to 1Gb/s for the business sector. Features of such technology include further protection, reliability and high level of safety and smooth management. It meets service requirements for next-generation networks, and Virtual Private Network broadband via Internet Protocol.


According to the plans developed by PALTEL, the project will be implemented in several stages starting from the city of Ramallah, then in the other major cities like (Nablus, Hebron, Gaza) and finally all areas.


PALTEL pursues a continuous development and research strategy believing that Palestinian citizens always deserve the best of services.




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