PCCW Global and PALTEL strengthen worldwide coverage through MPLS Inter-Carrier Interconnection agreement

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PCCW Global Limited and Palestine Telecommunications Company (PALTEL) have signed a MPLS Inter-Carrier Interconnection (ICI) agreement to strengthen coverage in the Middle East and beyond.


According to the agreement, PALTEL will cooperate with PCCW Global Limited, a subsidiary of Hong Kong’s premier telecommunications provider, to provide high quality and cost-effective MPLS services to Palestinian enterprises via PCCW Global’s robust infrastructure, which covers 1,500 cities in 110 countries worldwide, combining PCCW Global’s experience in inter-carrier interconnection and PALTEL’s strong regional presence to form an expanding coverage for both operators.


Mr. Frederick Chui, PCCW Global’s Senior Vice President of Europe and the Middle East Affairs, EMEA, said, “We are proud of this cooperation between PCCW Global and PALTEL which aims to provide high quality and cost-effective solutions to global networks and which will contribute to meet the tremendous growth on international connectivity in the Middle East and beyond.”


Mr. Abdul Majeed Melhem, PALTEL’s General Manager, said, “PALTEL’s agreement with PCCW Global is an important milestone in our technology roadmap of the year 2011. PALTEL is now able to provide world-class international connectivity service for its customers, enabling them to securely and effectively connect their business offices across the world. PALTEL clearly identifies the value of such services in bringing together Palestinian businesses compared to their peers in the rest of the world, especially at a time when the Palestinian economy is flourishing towards stable and sustainable growth.”


The agreement comes at a time in which PALTEL works on intensifying its efforts to enhance coverage, develop networks and expand the geographical broadband of services to meet the increasing need and growing demand for competitive and advanced solutions for international connectivity services.

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