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Ahlan Cards

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“Ahlan” cards

This card enables you to make phone calls from any fixed line, payphone or mobile.



Card Features:

  • Total control of expenditures
  • Making calls from any fixed line, payphone or mobile
  • Available in several categories; 10, 20, 50 and 100 NIS
  • Provides the possibility to call: Local numbers, Subscription Free Internet (SFI), Palestinian mobile number (Jawwal, Wataniya), Israeli fixed and mobile lines, Audio text services
  • (19xxx), premium numbers (178xx), Palestine Call services (14xx) and International destinations

“Ahlan” cards are available at all PALTEL’s showrooms and available through a wide network of distributors and authorized dealers.



Expiration Period



30 10 10
45 28 28
60 63 60
120 95 90



Instructions for using Pre-paid Calling Card “AHLAN”:

  • Dial the toll free number 1811(Arabic) or 1812 (English)
  • Enter the card number- scratch the shaded area- then press #
  • Dial the phone number you wish to contact including the area code then press # 

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