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Business Telephone Line SIP-T

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Business Telephone Line SIP-T

Communication, effectiveness and better performance 
We offer you the best experience in making external phone calls, enjoy the latest and most flexible telephone service, using the SIP-T technology to guarantee the best quality of external communications.



  • Flexibility 

The service facilitates the external communication of your employees and provides 3 lines and more with ability to increase the number of lines to fit your business requirements.

  • Effectiveness 

The service operates using the Internet Protocol (VoIP), which facilitates the process of connecting and receiving a large number of calls in high quality HD.

  • Stability

Don’t worry about disconnection or interruption glitches and enjoy the best quality of communication services with Business Telephone Line. 

Why SIP - T? 
• The ability to choose the number of lines that meet your needs.
• The service works  through VOIP with international quality standards.
• Reliable service at all times and conditions.
• 24/7 technical support.




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