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Data Centers features 


High availability

We make sure that your business is up and running all the time. Paltel Data Center is designed with the highest level of availability, power and bandwidth redundancy, with the option for backup to a wholly separate site.



Scale your services as your business grows. From a single rack to a pod or cage, we can scale solutions to match your business needs


Data Security and Privacy

We help you protect and manage your data. As our data center has CCTV cameras, authorization access, secured gates, fencing security systems and 24X7 security personnel, to protect your data and technology infrastructure



We offer high-performance and cost effective network connectivity, and provide data and Internet connectivity from the Paltel DC facility, to provide a reliable and dedicated connection.



Redundancy of transmission routes provides no single point of failure and the least downtime.


Cost efficiency

We manage the data center and can also manage your servers, allowing you to concentrate on what you do best- running your business.


Advanced Services

Backup service, Next Generation IPS, NGFW, DDos, WAF, Unified Communications and more.


Power & Cooling

Environmental measures are built on highest international standards providing peace of mind for customers as it is configured to deliver redundant always-on power and cooling (100% Uptime Power) so that operations are uninterrupted and your business remains online.


Power features

  • Full redundant AC source by two separate modular UPS'S
  • Full redundant DC source by two separate modular rectifier systems and batteries
  • Two diesel generators each SOOkva with redundant ATS system
  • The datacenter monitored by very advance DCIM system from SCHNEIDER to
  • monitor all systems (temperature, humidity, CRAC system, circuit breakers, flood,  consumption  ) 


Cooling features

     5 Closed Control Air Conditioning OX Unit (CRAC) of dual circuits STULZ type each 67Kw cooling


Fire Suppression


The Datacenter is protracted by Clean agent systems type Novec, and has Early warning detection system.






Remote hands


Everybody wants to stay connected and have access to their services and data at all times, Paltel enables you to manage your data and services remotely and from anywhere, and provides 24/7 Remote Hands & 30-minute ticket acknowledgment.


Smart hands

Our skilled technical expertise and resources are dedicated to help and support you 24/7/365 days a year.  



Data Centers services:



We support you to grow your business

Colocation facilities offer scalability, continuity and security for applications, data and systems, while removing the need to build, staff and manage in-house server rooms or data centers.

Typically, data center colocation service offers the infrastructure (building), Network connectivity, cooling, power, bandwidth, physical security, air conditioning, in a redundant architecture, etc. while the clients provide both storage and servers.


Why colocation

  • No additional infrastructure expense, minimizing capital investment and reducing operating costs.
  • Reduce the cost of infrastructure management and maintenance.
  • Improved performance with highly available, low latency connections.
  • Reduced risk of DDoS attacks and other cyber threats with off-internet private  connections.
  • Comprehensive physical security and enterprise grade data center reliability.


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