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Being with you at home is our power


Sharing your happy moments with friends, family and loved ones and be part of each moment of communication.

Today ; we seek to change the concept of the fixed line at home by offering Homephone services with multiple benefits and value added services.


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First Bundle
Voice Mail + Conference Call
Monthly amount: 6.00 NIS per month. VAT excluded



Second Bundle    
Caller ID + Conference Call
Monthly amount: 8.00 NIS per month.  VAT excluded



Third Bundle 
Caller ID + Conference Call + Voice Mail
Monthly amount: 9.50 NIS per month.  VAT excluded


Fourth Bundle    
Caller ID Plus + Conference Call + Voice Mail
Monthly amount: 11.00 NIS per month.  VAT excluded



Paltel Fax
Send and receive faxes locally and internationally online, through the service website PaltelFax.com

Send and receive faxes locally and internationally online, through the service website PaltelFax.com


Service features:

Send and receive faxes from anywhere. Enjoy the service through any Internet browser. Send faxes to international numbers even without activating the international zero. Receive notification on your mobile or e-mail whenever you receive a fax 


Keep messages:

Keep up to 50 faxes for 21 days. Forward faxes directly to your e-mail. Save faxes on your computer. Ensure the confidentiality of your information. 



Save ink, paper and money from buying new fax machines. Save time: no more waiting for faxes, you will receive them directly at Paltel Fax site. 


Services and Promotions:

Benefit from all fixed line campaigns and offers on Paltel Fax service. Send faxes for the same cost of fixed line calls

To subscribe, please visit one of Paltel Showrooms. 



The phone should be active when requesting the service. Service installation is 30 Shekels paid only once, and a monthly amount of 20 Shekels. The sent faxes should be in PDF format. You can send up to 20 pages per fax. Incoming calls will be transferred to Paltel Fax service after the fifth ring. 



This card enables you to make phone calls

from any fixed line, payphone or mobile.

Learn more      






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