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 “Paltel” gives undefined attention to privacy and security to protect subscribers’ personal and sensitive data. For said purpose, we apply procedures for preventing any abuse of information, but we cannot confirm that the website services are absolutely clear and free of any unauthorized access. Despite our high interest in preventing any violation of information confidentiality, we don’t hold any legal liability in this concern.  


Service Terms and Conditions:

E-bill service enables subscribers to view details of their fixed line bills and review the latest 3 issued bills, you can get the service through Paltel showrooms.

Kindly see the terms and conditions for setting the operating system of the service, which drops your right of any objection.

  • To enjoy e-bill service, subscribe in one of Paltel services and make an account on e-service page.

  • Upon subscribing in e-service page and entering your password, the PC (IP-Address) is recorded to identify the time and date upon any login.

  • The privacy of the information given under this system is the responsibility of the subscriber alone.

  • Upon logging into e-service page, you become a part of an agreement that gives you the right to review your bill account.

  • While using the system, you may not submit any complain or lawsuit from any misuse of   e-service page.

  • Paltel is not responsible for any delay or poorness in the service quality or cut in the service due to any reason whatsoever, and the subscriber may not submit any complain in this matter.

  • When you send any messages that contains virus or malicious software that may affect e-service page, you will hold the legal responsibility for all damages, losses and costs arising from this.

  • As a subscriber, you acknowledge that you shall not misuse e-service page, and you will hold responsibility for any misuse of the system.

  • In case of any dissimilarity in the information displayed on e-service page due to any malfunction, the approved information is the information held by Paltel.

  • As a subscriber, you commit to follow all instructions issued by Paltel regarding using e-service page.

  • Paltel reserves the right to record log in information such as time, date, and IP address for chasing those accused of any misuse of the website.

  • You commit as a subscriber to compensate for any damages or losses arising from not following these conditions in using the website.

  • Paltel has the right to amend service conditions and add any other conditions and cancel any bill account previously registered though e-bill website at any time

  • Subscribers acknowledge that any direct or indirect breach of any use term(s) or conditions will cause damage to the company which cannot be financially remedied; accordingly, Paltel has the right to take temporary or permanent measures and actions as it believes fit to protect its rights without the need for providing any evidences, including cancelling subscription and/or subscriber’s benefit of this service.

  • Nothing in these conditions may make Paltel liable to continue providing this service and the company has the right to stop this service and/or cancel it at any time within its available possibilities.

  • Upon your use of the website, you acknowledge that you are legally bound by these conditions, which are valid immediately and directly following your first use of the website.

Phone Services Conditions and Continuity

  • The subscriber declared the validity of his details in the bill and confirms his compliance to pay the values of the bills, including the charges of phone calls and the service monthly subscription on the scheduled dates.

  •  Subscription in the phone service is personal. Therefore, the phone line may not be sold, lent or assigned to a third party unless with the  prior written approval of the Company, and provided the amounts due are paid to the Company.

  •  The Company is entitled to disconnect the zeros if the subscriber pays on instalment (according to the approved instalment policy) or the in the events of misuse or use in objectives harmful to the Company.

  •  The subscriber declared that he is fully aware that after the lapse of 6 months since the removal of the line (permanent disconnection), that Paltel is entitled to reuse the line for another subscriber without assuming any legal consequences.

  •  No legal or judicial liability shall be established on Paltel resulting from an error in the data or information submitted by the subscriber and the resulting damages.

  •  It is understood to the subscriber that Paltel conducts maintenance works from time to time on the network to develop the service quality, which result in confusion or  temporary interruption of service.

  •  The Telecommunications Company shall have the right to temporarily or permanently stop the service in the event of failure of the subscriber to pay the service dues on time.

  • Termination or disconnection of service for any reason does not mean that the subscriber is discharged from any previous financial obligations.

  • The Company is not responsible for any loss or damage caused to the subscriber due to his failure or delay of any telephonic calls directed to him.

  •  Commitment to using the Palestinian Telecommunications Network and not exceed them in any way to make calls of various kinds whether international and/or local.

  • Comply with any instructions and/or the conditions laid down by the Palestinian Telecommunication Company to protect its network, maintain  it and prevent its misuse, as well as compliance with the Palestinian telecommunications law.

  • The subscriber declared that the Company is entitled to take all the legal actions to ensure collection of all its dues owed by him in the event of his failure to pay them to the Company.

  • The subscriber is not entitled to execute any aerial or ground extensions which may affect the Company phone network and its is entitled to remove such extensions and charge him with the consecutions of such procedure.

  • The Company is entitled to change the phone number in the event of development of the area and setting up a new phone exchange for technical reasons and/or change the area number or amend the number prefix as a result of development, or if the subscriber requests to transfer the phone from one telephone exchange to the other.


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