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This Service allows you to leave a short voice message and allows you to record a welcoming voice message, so you won’t miss any call.



How to activate this service:


1-   To access your voice mail:

From your own phone:
Dial 151 followed by #, then enter your PIN code followed by #



From another fixed line (PALTEL or other Telecom company):
Dial 151
Enter your phone number excluding the area code
Press # after hearing the welcoming message
Enter your PIN code followed by # after hearing the message
Voice Mail will notify you about the received messages
Follow the instructions to check your messages




2-   To change your PIN code

Access your voicemail
Press 8, after that enter your PIN code to hear a message, then press 4
Enter your new PIN code ( 4 digits) after hearing the message, and then press #
Re-enter the new PIN code again after hearing the message, then press # 




3-   To record the welcoming message

Access your voicemail
Press 82, and follow instructions
Press 5 and wait to hear the tone, after that start recording your own welcoming message, then press #
Press 2 to hear the recorded welcoming message again
Press 76 to clear the recorded welcoming message
Press 5 to re-record the welcoming message
Press # to stop recording

Service price: 2.5 NIS per month, VAT excluded



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