Telecom Group Foundation for Community Development announces the winning institutions of the Computer Initiative for 2011

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Ramallah – Telecom Group Foundation for Community Development announced the names of the institutions benefiting from the Computer Initiative for 2011, at a ceremony held at Leaders Halls in Ramallah and at Roots Halls in Gaza via video conference, with the attendance of Mr. Hussein Al ‘Araj; Head of the Presidential Office as a representative of President Mahmoud Abbas, Mr. Ammar Aker; PALTEL Group CEO, Mr. Ghassan Kasabreh; Director of NGO Development Centre, Samah Abu ‘Own; Director-General of Telecom Group Foundation for Community Development, and representatives of the winning institutions.


Mr. Al ‘Araj delivered a speech in which he expressed his appreciation for the valuable and vigorous efforts of PALTEL Group, Telecom Group Foundation for Community Development and the NGO Development Centre in disseminating the Internet, IT and communication locally and internationally, emphasizing that this work will have positive impact on different segments, and will support joint efforts between public and private sectors and civil society. He added that the initiative will contribute effectively to building a developed and sophisticated society, pushing forward the educational process, opening broad prospects for younger generations to learn, communicate and develop, as well as disseminating computer and social development culture by reaching remote rural communities.


“Through cooperation, efforts and generosity we can take our country and our people to a better and promising future, in which people are more aware and fully understanding of what is going on around them; a future where people can shape their own views and positions based on proper knowledge, defend their rights to freedom, dignity and identity within a sincere and genuine commitment to their duties, and social and national responsibilities, and be more able to defend their national identity,” Mr. Al ‘Araj concluded.


Mr. Al Aker said, “Today, we support our institutions in our villages and cities by donating equipment as we develop our fixed lines and mobilenetworks to reach every city in Palestine. We will continue to invest in order to provide modern telecommunications services to all sectors. We fully believe that we are walking on the right track along with the national institutions from the public, private and civil sectors.”


“Our interest in the technological sector and dissemination of technology in Palestine comes from our commitment to spread information technology which has become the core of all fields including education and health, as well as part of our support to institutions that provide vital services and implement projects of importance to all segments of people. Linking those institutions to internet and providing them with computers will certainly enhance the application of the latest programs and applications that contribute to enhancing performance, providing services to women, youth, and orphans, adopting principles of voluntary work and focusing on community-based institutions located in remote and rural areas,” Mr. Al Aker said. 


Mr. Al Aker concluded his speech by saying “The success of this initiative is an honor to PALTEL Group, which is a national economic establishment that contributes as much as possible to assist the development and support of Palestinian NGOs and the economy. We appreciate the efforts of official establishments including the Presidential Office for supporting the community work of companies.”


Mr. Kasabreh said, “This initiative comes as a kind of support and contribution from the Telecom Group Foundation for Community Development to enhance the culture of the internet, IT and communication locally and internationally, as it stems from its social and moral responsibility towards our people and community-based institutions.”


Mr. Kasabreh pointed out that what characterized the computer initiative for this year was its exclusive commitment to benefiting Palestinian NGOs, and was not restricted to providing computers to institutions, but included ADSL Internet access and training institutions. Mr. Kasabreh ended his speech by saying that the Centre would register and train NGOs benefiting from the initiative in Masader; a Palestinian NGOs Portal that is supervised by the Center.

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