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Business Connect


Empower your business


E-VPN; The vital connection for your communications 


A network based service that is cost-effective and secure form of communication designed to connect many of your sites and branches.



E-VPN Packages


Paltel provides special packages that allow you to guarantee the most efficient use of your network.


Standard: Standard traffic flow (mails, normal data, etc…) learn More 

Application: Sensitive traffic and priority programs  Learn More 

Multimedia: Intensive traffic applications such as voice and video Learn More 


Why E-VPN?


More than connectivity

Improved E-VPN service has the intelligence to differentiate between your traffic types and monitor your network with outstanding value added features.


Traffic aware

E-VPN allows you to define and categorize your traffic types and priorities into intelligent classes of service (Best Effort, Business and Real Time).


Expert Management

Focus on your core business while PALTEL provides installation, maintenance and management of your

network and equipment.



E-VPN is built over state of the art IP MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) technology with a wide range of access options and variety of scalable speeds.


More advantages:


PALTEL provides additional special features on the top of your E-VPN service such as:


1. Central Internet: Internet service delivered to any site of your network.

2. Resilient routing options: Dynamic routing protocols and backup lines.

3. L2VPN: Layer 2 service connects two branches using point to point technique.




Remote Access

Empower your business


Extend the reach of your network


Remote Access is your ideal choice to extend your reach to your E-VPN network to access your network anywhere outside your company’s premises to help provide your business continuity. 

Main Features:

  • Ability to reach your E-VPN network from anywhere anytime.
  • Flexible access to your network via PCs, smart devices and laptops.
  • Highly secured login process.
  • Full management and monitoring ability via Patel’s Business Center.



 How to make your device your office?

A secure way of connection will be initiated from the mobile client (Remote Access user) and will be terminated at Paltel side connecting this user privately to his own network.

Remote Access users can easily login to this service using a special URL or a smart device application using their credentials and an additional two factor authentication security code.


Through PALTEL’s Business Center; Remote Access service users can:

  • Assign the service to Business Center sub-users.
  • Activate users’ accounts and manage their credentials.
  • Monitor the service status and generate special reports.

How to contact us?

You can get more information about Paltel products and services by surfing our website, or by contacting your account manager.






Empower your business

The businesses of today are demanding higher bandwidth to transfer data, send information and communicate with the rest of the world, while at the same time keeping information and networks secured.

 Paltel introduces Private Ethernet Line (PEL) to provide data, video and voice transmission services that are fast, efficient and over point to point connections


 (PEL) maintains:

  • Dedicated service connection (High dedicated bandwidths)
  • Point to point service (Ethernet over fiber optics)
  • Excellent data security (assured privacy)
  • Reliable delivery of all types of traffic

While choosing Private Ethernet Line (PEL) services for your business, here are some questions you should consider:


 Does your business require high bandwidth speeds?

If you have real time applications, a need for high speed media transfer or backing up your critical data; PEL service will be a good fit for all your needs.


 Are you seeking a high level of data security?

 PEL is a dedicated point-to-point connection that is less vulnerable to outside intruders, so there are fewer opportunities for security breaches.



How to contact us?

You can get more information about Paltel products and services by surfing our website, or by contacting the network service specialist (our accounts managers) who will help you set up and connect your business to PEL, so contact Paltel today.

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