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Maidenhead, UK, June 27, 2017 – GENBAND™, a leading provider of real-time communications solutions today announced that it signed a strategic agreement ..

“Paltel” Upgrades its Fixed Voice Network with GENBAND’s Industry-Leading NGN Transformation Solutions

Specialist inter-carrier billing and routing optimisation solutions vendor i-conX solutions has announced that Palestinian national and international incumbent PALTEL is the latest customer

PALTEL Live with full i-conX Routing Optimisation system
Trained by PALTEL, ESCO of Kamal Jumblatt School wins the 'Best Student Company of 2011”
Telecom Group Foundation for Community Development announces the winning institutions of the Computer Initiative for 2011
PALTEL initiates Metro Ethernet Project and launches a pilot network as part of its ongoing efforts to provide high-speed and high quality services
PALTEL launches new ‘Haik Al Haya’ campaign to install fixed lines and ADSL
Ministries of Education and Higher Education and Telecommunications and Information Technology and the Palestinian Telecommunications Company launch the Palestinian Academic Research Network via fiber optic network
PALTEL Group decides to extend operating fixed lines and mobile phone services to the government sector due to delayed salaries
In a unique and effective participation, PALTEL offers hundreds of gifts to visitors of Expo Home VI
PCCW Global and PALTEL strengthen worldwide coverage through MPLS Inter-Carrier Interconnection agreement
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