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Wi-Fi service became an essential need. Now Paltel is giving you the opportunity to enjoy free Wi-Fi in Ramallah’s Main streets, all municipality facilities, Public Parks, surf municipality website, enjoy online services and the ability to use GIS applications through "Ramallah Smart City" Network.


Where to find free Wi-Fi Service?


The service is available in the following premises:

  • Ramallah Municipality Main Building.
  • Ramallah Entertainment Center.
  •  Ramallah Cultural Palace.
  • Ramallah Public Library.
  • Ottoman Court.
  •  Hawsh of Al Saa’.
  •  Al Barwa Park/Mahmoud Darwish Museum.
  •  United Public Services Center- Old City.
  •  Yousef Qadoura Park.
  •  Harsh of Redna.
  • Al-Ae’la Park.
  •  Al-Omam Park.


For Paltel subscribers

Now you can enjoy Wi-Fi service in Ramallah’s main streets, to stay connected to the internet anytime you want as an appreciation to all Paltel subscribers for choosing our services.


How to access Ramallah Free Wi-Fi?

To enjoy the service please follow the below steps:

  • Dial the toll number 199 from your phone to get username and password.
  • Choose Ramallah Smart City network.
  • Choose Paltel Wi-Fi then enter your username and password.


For Ramallah visitors “Not Paltel subscribes” 

When we launch the next phase of the project, you can start enjoying the free Wi-Fi service for half an hour a day.


How to benefit from the Wi-Fi service?

  • Choose Ramallah Smart City network.
  • Choose Paltel Wi-Fi.
  • Click on  “Not a Paltel subscriber” icon.
  • Fill the personal data required.
  • After filling your data, you will receive  SMS with your username and password.





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