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Managed PABX from Paltel 

Control your communications 

 Transform traditional phone calls into a more flexible system of communication with Managed PABX from Paltel provides you with an internal PABX and IP telephone handset  to control your internal and external calls and manage your phone services.


  • Added services

Enjoy a variety of services such as IVR, add custom music when waiting for calls, call forwarding and call recording, voicemail and do not disturb service.

  • Fast and easy

You can add new employees to the system easily and quickly  only by providing them with access to all the benefits of the system.

  • Piece of mind 

Now you can work faster and smarter without worrying about managing your internal calls as we offer you a fully managed service.

Why Managed PABX?

  • Manage your internal and external communications in a 100% secure environment.
  • Increase efficiency and meet your business needs through full service control.
  • Focus on your business without worrying about the technical problems related to the communication processes. 
  • Technical support from paltel.


For More Information Contact Us at : corporate.sales@Paltel.ps




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