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Retail Centers


Shopping Centers are the main stream of data; they hugely contribute to the Palestinian Economy. Shopping Centers’ managers are now being aware of the importance of data collection and targeting customers through analyzing data and study their purchasing behaviors and interests.


Models of service:

  • Market basket analysis 

This Model helps you to know if certain groups of product are consistently purchased together and to find the best location and promotion for each product and how to attract customers’ attention for them.

  • Inventory management

Inventory system helps to keep track of the quantities of goods in a warehouse and to decide on the right amount of goods on hand to fulfill customers’ demand and operate profitably.

  • Market research

Market research is a way to gather information about target market or customers. It is a very important component of business strategy.

  • Loyalty card

Loyalty card encourages customers to keep shopping from the mall and helps retailers understand people's behavior and purchasing habits; this will help them provide personalized offers, advertise and organize products in a way that is attractive to their customers, to achieve a higher sales percentage.



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