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Business Internet



Empower your business


Looking for a fast reliable Internet connection to handle your growing demands? Aware of FiLINE?


Fiber Optics based service specially designed to provide you with the needed bandwidth to meet today's digital demands and the possibilities of tomorrow.


Main Features:

*  %100 Fiber Optics.

* Fast Internet Speeds.

* Affordable prices.

* Public IP ranges.




FiLINE uses %100 Fiber Optics to deliver reliable and fast communication. FiLINE is fully secured and stable Internet connection service over PALTEL’s well protected network.

Filine customers can get more information about Paltel products and services by surfing our website, or by contacting the network service specialist (our accounts managers).




Meet tomorrow’s demand


Looking for a fast reliable Internet connection specially designed to control your business applications?



Aware of I-Fiber?

This service enables you to connect your staff, partners, customers and co-workers with flexible, reliable service over ethernet access.


I-Fiber lets you work seamlessly and with little disruption, whether at corporate headquarters, branch offices, or remote sites.


* Ethernet Access

* High speeds

* High availability

* Public IP address


Please consider the following issues, if you’re thinking about adopting I-Fiber for your business.



Speeds Ranges Available:


We grant you all the flexibility and control to choose your right option. I-Fiber provides internet connection over ethernet access, and it’s available in various speeds starting at 4 Mbps in increments of 1 Mbps and up to hundreds of megabits per second.



What is the most distinguished feature of I-Fiber?


I-Fiber can easily support new technologies and has the flexibility in adapting to changes in your network. It allows you to increase or decrease bandwidth at any time, provide you with the exceptional reliable connectivity to the internet using fiber optics technology.


 You can get more information about PALTEL products and services by surfing our website, or by contacting the network service specialist (our accounts managers) who will help you set up and connect your business to I-Fiber, so contact PALTEL today or have us call you. 





Content Filtering

Take control

Content Filtering service puts you in control of your organization’s internet access by implementing your own policies and enables your employees to enjoy safe surfing of Internet.




Block unwanted websites and pages based on various user defined categories.


Protect your business from web-based threats.



Easy-to-use management tool and reporting suite via special portal.


Fulfilling your policy

  • Multi-profiles configurations.
  • Time – configured Internet access filtering.
  • Whitelists and Blacklists, enables you to automatically allow/block specific addresses 


Why Content Filtering?

  • Improve your employees’ productivity.
  • Increase your network’s security and prevent risky behavior by enforcing granular policies on user activities. 
  • Conserve your network resources and bandwidth.
  • Monitor your employees behavior on Internet .



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